Lebanese & Moroccan Restaurant in Birmingham
0121 682 9470 / 18 St Marys Row, Birmingham, B13 8JG

About Us

Middle Eastern food in the heart of Birmingham

Serving Lebanese and Moroccan food in Birmingham, Tabule Kitchen satisfies the taste buds of one and many. It gives you the chance to taste some of the most authentic and exciting dishes, which are fresh, unique, and served through a caravan of spices. You will be enjoying the same flavours and food experience as if you were dining in the Middle East but in the comfort of the daily life you can relate to the most.

A Gem in Moseley Village

Moseley Village is a very happy, peaceful, and picturesque place that contrasts decades-old architecture with independent shops and Tabule Kitchen adds the much needed character by reflecting not only the art, beauty, tolerance and diversity of the village, but also the love of Lebanese food that can suit any individual’s dietary preference. Each dish is a true reflection of the Lebanese and Moroccan culture while maintaining variety to suit your choices such as the Vegan brunch menu, gluten-free alternatives, vegetarian dishes and meat dishes.

Enjoy The Relaxed Charm of the Middle East

When served to customers, the atmosphere encourages conversation and social interaction around the table and solitude in your own company if you want to sit alone. Every table has a wall sockets to plug your laptop, and nice and cosy cushions to read a book. You may sit and play board games with your friends or have a chat with a group of people and simultaneously enjoy soft Arabian music to put you in a relaxing mood. Whether you want to have a café-experience or a full-on dinner and social night, Tabule Kitchen in Moseley Village doesn’t rush anyone and you are welcomed here to create the food experience you want.

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