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Our Master Chef


Rami’s Journey from Dubai to Birmingham

Rami travelled to Saudi Arabia to work and he settled down in Dubai, where he lived for 17 years. He worked at the Marriott Hotel where he ran the show as the chef. He took good things from working in Dubai because the hotel was connected to many places around the world where he had the opportunity to travel to and showcase the Arabic cuisine.

The hotel was connected to the likes of Jakarta, India, Vienna, and Malaysia, which opened up an experience of travelling and cooking Syrian and Lebanese food for people so that they got to know the reality of Arabic food. Rami received a lot of support from these countries for being a magnificent chef.

From Saudi Arabia to Birmingham

Now that he established himself in Dubai for several years and hosted themed events on a large scale within Saudi Arabia and beyond, he believes Birmingham will be a bigger change of food scene. He has been told before that people start putting on weight when they meet him. They can’t get enough of the depth of good taste in his meals and they come back for more.

Within his culture alone, he has discovered hundreds of varieties of a single dish and he doesn’t present the easiest-to-prepare dish to his audience. He puts the real face of a dish in front of people and hand picks the most delicious styles of cooking a particular dish.

Authentic Arabian Cuisine

Rami will take you on an authentic Arabic experience to Tabule Kitchen in Birmingham and makes sure that every single dish tastes amazing.

He wants you to have a fun experience with opening a soft menu to get you started before you go deeper with a themed night of meals from the menu of Lebanese, Moroccan, or Persian. He loves to jazz up the theme nights by changing them every fortnight and brings you more experience on how large his cuisine is. He has a very beautiful vegan menu and takes care of what people eat that have allergies and he satisfies meat-eaters and non-meat eaters too.

His menu has most signature dishes and main courses from Syria, Lebanon, Persia, and Morocco.


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